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The curated plant bundles will transform any house into a green home. A few plants here and there will upgrade your interior with cleaner air and cozier vibes. And, before you know it, you’ll be looking for a bigger place to fit more plants.

Can’t find a plant pack to suit your needs? Choose one of the surprise packs and leave any special requests in a note during checkout.

Decorative pots are not included, visit this page for pots.

All packs come with detailed care instructions 💚

jungle pack (5)

jungle pack (4A)

jungle pack (4B)


green friends for beginners (4A)

green friends for beginners (4B)


green friends for beginners (5)

plants for beginners (5)

pet-friendly plant pack (5)

pet friendly plants (5)

pet-friendly pack (4A)

pet-friendly pack (4B)

leafy life delivery

Plants are shipped out Monday to Wednesday and delivered for free to Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Small business, big reviews. We're rated 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 90+ reviews from happy plant parents all over Europe.

We have a 14 days happiness guarantee! Just get in touch and we'll fix any issues (and answer any plant care questions).

All packaging is either 100% recyclable (plants) or 100% recycled (pots) and the delivery is CO2 compensated.

NASA’s air purifiers (4A)

NASA’s air purifiers (4B)


NASA’s air purifiers (8)

trailing plants (8)

trailing plants (4A)

trailing plants (4B)


colorful plants (white)

colorful plants (yellow)


colorful plants (pink)

begonia pack


stranger plants


tropical vacation


WFH desk buddies


pancake pack


surprise set

leafy life plants



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Detailed plant care advice

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