Back to the basics with the Brussels plant pot. While the design may be a classic, the production of these pots couldn’t be more modern – made with own wind energy, from 100% recycled plastic.

Size: Baby (XS), Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large (see size guide)

Material: Recycled plastic

Drainage Holes: No

happy plant parents

leafy life delivery

Plants are shipped out Monday to Wednesday and delivered for free to Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Small business, big reviews. We're rated 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 90+ reviews from happy plant parents all over Europe.

We have a 14 days happiness guarantee! Just get in touch and we'll fix any issues (and answer any plant care questions).

All packaging is either 100% recyclable (plants) or 100% recycled (pots) and the delivery is CO2 compensated.

other popular plants
  • ficus elastica ‘belize’

  • calathea roseopicta rosy leafy life

    calathea roseopicta rosy

  • philodendron ‘prince of orange’

  • monstera adansonii extra large

    monstera adansonii

  • maranta leuconeura

  • ceropegia woodii ‘string of hearts’


frequently asked questions

I'd like to give some plants a gift. How can I do that?

During the checkout you can write a message for your recipient in the ‘special notes’ field. We will include a handwritten card with your message and place it in the box in a green envelope. There are never any receipts in the boxes as we do everything digitally.

Keep in mind that we will send confirmation and tracking emails to the email you enter during checkout. If you want the gift to be a surprise enter your own email and let your friend know when the package will be delivered.

How do I know when it's time to water my plant?

We have care instructions for every plant – both short and more detailed for beginner plant parents. While we do give an indication how often you should water each plant, the absolute best way to make sure your plants stay healthy is to check the soil.

Stick a finger in the soil up to the knuckle, does the soil feel dry? Is there almost nothing sticking to your finger? Then it’s likely time to water. Some plants can tolerate getting dry while some will get brown crispy edges if the soil gets to dry between waterings. Know your plants and always double check the soil. Don’t water on a schedule.

How can I redeem my loyalty points for a reward?

Click on the rewards button in the bottom right corner with the gift icon and then click ‘Redeem Points’ and choose the reward. You will recieve via email a personalized coupon code that you must use with your next order in order to recieve the discount or the free goodies.

Do I need to repot the plant after I receive it?

Travelling can be stressful for the plant especially since it’s moving from perfect greenhouse conditions to a new environment. Repotting may cause extra stress since the roots would then also need to a djust to a new space. It’s better to give your plant some time to adjust to its new home (about 1-2 months) before repotting it. Only repot if the roots are really sticking out of the bottom of the pot.