Fully circular ecosystem

500+ plants & pots

Installation within 2 weeks

500+ plants | Installed within 2 weeks

greener workplace

zero hassle


we are the complete solution for office greenery

interior design

our in-house designer will work with your current office layout, furniture and light levels to transform it into a green space; we currently have over 1000 options for pots so there is something for every space – from planters to hanging baskets, from neutral tones to custom sprayed RAL pots that match your corporate colors.


we prepare and install the plants in as quickly as 2 weeks from the moment the proposal is approved; we have a large greenhouse partner in Aalsmeer where we store plants and pots so that they’re ready to go – no waiting list, no months-long lead time.


every two weeks our plant care experts will drop by to maintain the plants; this includes everything – water, fertilizer, pest control (always using biological products), as well as trimming, pruning and replacing plants if they start looking less than perfect.


all our plants belong to a circular ecosystem; plants that get replaced are taken back to our office where they are either rehabilitated and sold, pruned into smaller saplings and baby plants, or composted and turned into fertilizer.


you’re moving office? we’ll move the plans for you; need to change your subscription plan? done; our minimum contract length is 12 months and our average response time is 4 hours – we keep it simple, fast & flexible.

easy office plants

the data behind

office plants


increase in productivity


reduction in sick days


noise reduction indoors


increase in office attractiveness

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let’s have a chat about greener workplaces

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Consultations take between 15 and 30 minutes and are completely free of charge. This chat helps us evaluate what you need and how we can best help improve your workspace.

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a sneak peek at some of our projects

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office plants rental and maintenance
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flexible pricing to fit any workplace

No matter if it’s a 5000m2 office in the Zuidas, a hotel in Amsterdam Centrum, or a restaurant near Oosterpark we have a plan(t) that will suit your needs. In addition, all plans come with employee benefits – because home offices also deserve a few green friends!

how it works


We have a quick (15-30 min) call to align on what your company needs. During this call we arrange an in person meeting so that we can get a good feel for your space and measure light levels and humidity.


We create a free personalized mock-up for your new office design – what plants fit with your aesthetic and conditions, what kind of pots, stands and hanging baskets we’ll be using and where everything will be placed.


After the proposal is approved, we’ll be bringing the rental plants to your office within two weeks. We deliver and arrange everything to give you a beautiful workplace that your employees will love.

plant care

We’ll come in every two weeks at a designated time to do the watering, fertilizing, pruning or repotting. If a plant is not looking too good we’ll swap it for a new one so that your space is always looking green and healthy.