Fully circular ecosystem

500+ plants & pots

Installation within 2 weeks

500+ plants | Installed within 2 weeks

rent plants for your event

with no hassle

Need some temporary greenery? We have over 160 plants in stock – from 3 meters tall Ficuses to bushy Monsteras than can separate your space, they are all available in 24 hours from our office in Amsterdam.

Looking for something extra special? We also have designer decorative pots, moss paintings, terrariums, dividers and moss logos.

Do you have an urgent request (event is in less than 2 weeks)? Please send an email to orders@leafy-life.com. We will respond the same day.

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Price (per day) *

Plant (M) Height: 30 to 60 cm €5
Plant (L) Height: 70 to 100 cm €10
Plant (L+) Height: 100 to 150 cm €20
Plant (XL) Height: 160 to 200 cm €40
Plant (XL+) Height: over 200 cm €60
Decorative pot ** Diameter: 20 to 50 cm €20 – €40

* Price per day may vary based on exact species and size. There is a 50% discount on the price per day starting from the 4th day onwards.

** By default our plants come with white or grey decorative pots made from recycled plastic (depending on stock availability). This price is for special requests such as ceramics, etc.

our most popular XL plants

  • Dypsis (Areca) lutescens extra large 140cm

    dypsis areca lutescens (XL)

  • strelitzia nicolai 200cm extra large leafy life

    strelitzia nicolai (XL)

  • pachira aquatica xl

    pachira aquatica (XL)

  • kentia howea forsteriana leafy life extra large

    howea forsteriana ‘kentia palm’ (XL)

  • yucca extra large leafy life

    yucca elephantipes (XL)

  • licuala grandis xl

    licuala grandis (XL)

  • Rhapis excelsa xl

    rhapis excelsa (XL)

  • olive tree xl

    olea europaea (XL)

matching pots

  • elho - b for soft

    b.for soft

  • elho b for studio

    b.for studio

  • baq basic


  • charlie rough pottery pots colors


  • charlie (hanging)

  • circulum tau


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plant wall leafy life
rent office plants
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office plants rental and maintenance
leafy life office plants amsterdam rotterdam
strelitzia nicolai super large
ficus lyrata extra large 150cm leafy life mood